“Our coaches and student athletes look forward to their training sessions with Elite Performance and Health trainers in Cape Coral. Their equipment and facilities are providing the ideal environment to maximize our team work-outs and develop better athletes. Elite Performance will be a member of our starting line-up for many years to come”
– Joe Skladany, Athletic Director Gateway Charter/CSUSA

“As a mom to two college athletes; having access to training beyond high school athletics gave them an advantage in increasing their skill level and playing in college. They both continued to train during the off season at training facilities. I would recommend this type of training to any athlete who wants to increase their skill level, stay in optimal shape and receive professional training.”
– C. Brown

“Exposure to a training facility like ELITE Performance Training will elevate my college basketball game. Coach Phipps and his staff have helped me become a top athlete with training schedules, communicating throughout my training process, and to charting my results. The ELITE team has put a process in place to increase my productivity while minimizing injuries and providing the best training in SWFL.”
– Fernando Lopez

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